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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:      New Neighborhood Plan


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A newly patented neighborhood plan boosts residential real estate sale prices by 22%.  How? By re-inventing the neighborhood concept from the ground up.  Concept inventor and psychologist, Dr. Jim Flanders predicted that if a neighborhood is designed around the basic human needs: Safety, Socialization, and Serenity, then those needs will be better satisfied, resulting in improved real estate value.


In 2003, Dr. Flanders’ prediction was proven correct. REALTORSâ in four separate cities participated in a survey of three different neighborhood plans: a conventional (urban sprawl) plan, a small town (new urbanism) plan, and Dr. Flanders’ Hometown plan.  71% of REALTORSâ rated Hometown as the best and most preferred of the three. Estimated sale prices for Hometown homes were 22% higher than the same homes in conventional neighborhoods and 11% higher than those in small town neighborhoods.  Results varied little across a broad geographical range from Wisconsin, to Texas, to Mississippi.


Vast markets lie in the balance.  How vast?  In 2003, new home buyers spent $209 billion on just over a million new homes.  Even a relatively small slice of a market that size is huge.


How does Hometown meet basic needs?  According to Dr. Flanders, the following features are key:

·           Safety - Hometown’s patented road arrangement produces a safe, vehicle-free interior.  The elder housing option returns three generations to the neighborhood, guaranteeing “eyes on the street” for safety.   The perimeter road, a modest fence, and other clear boundaries mean no entry gate is needed. Research shows walkable neighborhoods improve physical health.

·           SocializationHometown’s unique U-shaped blocks provide an atmosphere of instant inclusion by physically surrounding residents within the community.  Pedestrian-friendly walkways branch off from “Main Street,” a central pedestrian promenade, connecting all residences.  The neighborhood “square” sports a bandstand and a gathering place such as a general store or clubhouse.  Optional elder cottages along Main Street connect elders and children, who naturally mix in healthy neighborhoods.

·           Serenity – In Hometown every home faces a park, or it could be said that Hometown is a series of peaceful parks surrounded by homes. This layout creates large, green, open spaces while maintaining the density needed for market success.


Commenting about Hometown, John Gann, veteran planner and President of Gann Associates said:

“Breakthrough insights and developments in a number of fields have come not from the veteran specialists but from thinkers on the outside having a fresh point of view.  I think this has happened again with the conclusion as a clinical psychologist that community plans can and should be ‘reverse engineered’ from the needs of the human psyche.  This concept I find a unique contribution to urban development thinking.”

Dr. Flanders views his plan as assisting builders targeting three markets:  First, families with children who prize safety.  Second, older people seeking added years of independent living.  And third, developers of “new urbanism” neighborhoods, who can incorporate Hometown into their planning.


Dr. Flanders intends to partner with and license Hometown to builders.  He hopes planners, REALTORS®, and attorneys can help locate developers and land owners.


More information about Hometown, go to www.drflandershometown.com


Jim Flanders, Ph.D.

4102 16th Street

Gulfport, MS 39501

Telephone (228) 863-6788

Fax (228) 863-6788

Mobile  (630) 630-6292

Email nobleman@pobox.com

Website www.drflandershometown.com


Permission to Reproduce                         Date:  August 10, 2004


I, James P. Flanders, Ph.D., grant the right to whoever receives this news release permission to download, copy, reproduce, publish, and distribute pictures and text material found on the www.drflandershometown.com website to augment description of Hometown for one month from receipt.



Permission to Contact


If Hometown seems too good to be true, I, James P. Flanders, Ph.D., grant the right to whoever receives this news release permission to contact any reference below or anyone else and ask them anything about Hometown or myself.     JIM FLANDERS, PH.D.




John Gann (800-762-4266) Senior Planner, President of Gann Associates, offices in 3 states

Ron Bednar (215-560-2259) President of Pennsylvania Planning Association

Jim Arts (608-266-4795) Director Policy & Program Development for Dane County, WI, includes State Capitol Madison; Planning and several other departments report to him


Real Estate Development

Tim Weaver (601-853-3344) Real Estate Developer, Jackson, MS

Bob McKay (601-362-6501) Administrator and Executive VP of Home Builders Association of Jackson, MS; a division of the National Association of Home Builders including the State Capitol of MS



Doug & Angela Upchurch (601-636-6490) likely largest local Vicksburg REALTORS®; know me well

Oscar Gonzales, Ph.D. (713-629-1900 , x 211) Outreach and research director of Houston Association of REALTORS®, 17,000 members; helped with 2003 market research

Kevin King (608-240-2800) Executive Director of REALTORS® Association of South Central Wisconsin, includes most of south Wisconsin and State Capitol Madison



Jim Tohill (601-949-4790) Lead real estate attorney for huge law firm Watkins Ludlum Stennis in Jackson, MS

Larry McKenzie (901-685-7428) Patent attorney in the patent law firm Walker, McKenzie, & Walker



Ron Tikofsky, Ph.D.  (212-362-7985) Psychology Chair most of my tenure from 1972-1985 at the State University in Miami, FL; now doing biomedical research in NYC; knew me well

Theodore Millon, Ph.D.  (601-235-2350) Perhaps now world’s most renowned psychologist; was my graduate advisor in clinical psychology doctoral training 1978-1981.

Mike Hunt, Ph.D.  (608) 262-8822) Environmental geropsychologist at University of Wisconsin, Madison; we are starting to collaborate in some classes Fall 2004 and perhaps research



Philip Scurria, MD, Psychiatrist; Lamar McMillan, MD; physicians at the Vicksburg Clinic 1990-current (601-634-8790)

Charlene Burton, MD, Psychiatrist  1985-1990 (715-361-2022)

Numerous other references are available upon request.




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